62fb5f1024529266c6e71c0c0c9ddb3c_SA little District history:

After years of fund-raising by the Swimming Pool Association in Cascade, the Southern Valley County Recreation District was formed for the purpose of collecting a fee each year from property taxes in order to raise enough money to build a year-round swimming pool and recreation center. Since 1999, other recreation programs have been established with varying degrees of success. The District has purchased 4 acres from the old Boise Cascade Mill Site with 100 degree geothermal water. Today there is a continuing capital campaign to complete the finishing touches of the Cascade Aquatic and Recreation Center.

Current Mission: To provide quality, diverse, affordable recreation opportunities which enhance the quality of life for all residents and visitors of Southern Valley County.

The Southern Valley County Recreation District (SVCRD) is proud of our many community partners. The SVCRD is most proud of our ongoing relationship with the Tax Payers / Homeowners of Southern Valley County. We also want to recognize our generous donors and benefactors from around the Country that support the mission of the SVCRD and want to see the construction and sustained operation of the Cascade Aquatic and Recreation Center.

We are supported by a wide variety of programs, individuals, organizations and businesses in our community. We would like to officially thank all those that have so selflessly given time, energy, materials and financial support towards the success of the SVCRD Mission.