Lifeguard and Swim Instructor Training

Blended Learning Lifeguard Classes (new and renewal courses)

Ages 16 and older

Our blended learning Lifeguard course from Starfish Aquatics builds the same knowledge and skills as a traditional in-person training. The online portion of the class offers applicants the ability to complete interactive lessons and activities on their own time prior to the in-person portion of the class. The Instructor-led sessions reinforce the learning, increase skills and confidence, and help build team cohesiveness.

Prerequisite: Applicants must be 16 years or older, swim a 50 meter swim sprint with and without a rescue tube, tread water for two minutes, retrieve a weighted object off the bottom of the 8 foot section of the pool (minimum of 10 pounds), and swim a 500 meter swim, using any variety of strokes, efficiently and at your own pace.

Classes are created on an as needed basis. To schedule a class solely for your camp or facility, please contact the Lifeguard Instructor.

Contact our Aquatic Director, Michelle Whipple, at for more information.


Swim Instructor Training

Ages 16 and older

Our program allows all qualified individuals to become a certified Starfish Aquatics Swim Instructor. Applicants should have a decent swimming ability, general knowledge of the basic strokes, and pass a pre-course water skills test. Certificates are valid for one year and may be renewed with teaching rosters submitted.