Cascade Aquatic and Recreation Center


Due to recent winter weather conditions we have had to either change our open hours or close our facility.  Safety for our patrons and staff is our first priority.

Look for updates here or on our Facebook page.  To follow our Facebook page, click here.

Current Update:

No plans for changes to open hours or closures at this time.

Everyone is welcome to join us for our upcoming clinics!

COST: Free to those who have an unlimited class membership.  Only $5 per clinic for drop-in or those with a class punch card.

Food Doesn’t Care What You Think, Your Body Does (Kurt with Cascade Aquatic & Recreation Center):  Personal Trainer

     February 20th @ 7:00pm: An exploration of how food interacts with your body and how to utilize this knowledge to reach your fitness goals.

Liz’s Lunch and Learns (Liz from St. Luke’s McCall): Nutrition Specialist

     February 27th @ 12:15pm: Foods that Mood You- Learn about the foods that power up your body, brain and mood.

     March 13th @ 12:15pm: Nutrition 411- No fad diets needed! Learn about 4 simple steps to “up” your nutrition game.

Benefits of Massage (Shauna Arnold from Trinity Therapeutic): Massage Therapist

     March 5th @ 5:30pm: Join Shauna in a thoughtful class on how to reduce stress in our daily lives and bodies, and the benefits of massage therapy. BONUS! Attendance will enter you into a raffle for a gift card with Shauna!

Heart Health (Ryan with Cascade Medical Center): Nutrition Specialist

     March 15th  @ 12:00pm:  Join in on a concise talk about what food and exercise does for your heart and overall health.

Equipment Demo- (Laura with Cascade Aquatic & Recreation Center):  Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

     March 19th @ 5:15pm:  How to use the Kettle Bell & Foam Roller- Don’t know what a kettle bell is or how to use it? Kettle bells increase core strength, balance and much more. This demo will show you how to properly use a kettle bell to your strengths and reduce injury. Following a short demo on how to use the foam roller to increase circulation, promote healing and exercise.

Did you know that our pool is available to rent for private party use?  For more information, click here.


Sunday, March 24th from 10:00am-12:00pm


Thursday, March 21st from 2:00pm-4:00pm there will be a group of 10+ kayaks using the pool.  Lanes open for lap swimming and therapy pool use available.

Bring your kids to KIDS YOGA on Sunday, February 17th @3pm.  This is a drop-in class for this day only.  Coach Charlotte will be visiting our area and offered to teach a class while she is here!

Come enjoy a free day on us!  No strings attached.  We just want to give a little love back to our community!


Our mission: To provide quality, diverse, affordable recreation opportunities which enhance the quality of life for all residents and visitors of Southern Valley County.


The West Central Mountains Economic Development Council is in partnership with the Southern Valley County Recreation District.